Thursday, 13 January 2011

Super Icy Chicken Wings

Past few days have been awful to walk on, slipping and sliding everywhere. After reading some more, my owner got me some chicken wings to try. At first I just picked it up and dropped it out the way of my kibbles. It was hard work trying to eat that first one, I had to get my owner to sit and hold it for me, it took quite a while to eat it.

Today I got another wing for lunch, this time I managed to eat it by myself. Then for dinner I got another, I ate it again all by myself and super fast. My owner was shocked, he actually looked around to see if I had eaten it or just dropped it.

Monday, 10 January 2011

More snow has fallen

Oh it's been a while since my last update. My owner was working night shift and I can't put the computer on by myself yet so I couldn't update.

Well I'm now 18.5 weeks old and getting big. My owner keeps looking up BARF feeding but he doesn't seem to understand it. Apparently it would make me eat slower and chew my food rather than just hoover it up.

It's also supposed to be
  • Healthier
  • Reduce Allergies
  • Cheaper
  • Lie in my stomach for a shorter amount of time
  • Help clean my teeth naturally
  • Give less poops and of a harder quality
  • Reduced doggy smell

On Friday I went to Muiravonside country park, it was VERY icy but I had lots of fun running around. On the way back to the car I met not one but TWO great danes, they were big and stocky and a lot older than me. They were both big blue danes and for some reason I felt the need to sniff the males testicles, I looked like a calf trying to suckle.

  For some reason my owner took the first picture in sepia, after I posed all nice too.

 Me posing so you can see the back of my head, aren't I nice.

On Saturday it had been snowing over night so when we went walkies it had covered the thick ice, it hadn't snowed much so it made it very very slippy.

I was happily playing away in the snow then I ran towards my owner, suddenly the ground went from under me and I made my owner do a yoga move. I have annotated one of the images for you.

On Saturday night and Sunday morning it decided to snow again, this time a bit more so it covered the ice better.

In the afternoon we played football, I found a ball that had been lying in our garden for months, it died shortly after.
 Luckily my owner has a lot of old balls so we played with the yellow one for better snow visibility.
 Have to say I am pretty damn good at football. As you can clearly see from the above action shot.